Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New year everyone! 

Well 2012 had been a pretty incredible year! 

The Diamond Jubilee, The Olympics and so much more I have to say it has been a massive year for Britain. It's been incredible! 

I welcome 2013 with open arms and look forward to next year, I hope everyone has an amazing year and stays perfectly fabulous! 

Have a good 'un 

Monday, 31 December 2012

Asda 3 Pack of tights - Star Buy of the Week

I literally live in tights and shorts (don't we all in these times?) and finding a decent pair of tights that:

Keep my legs warm

Don't ladder easily        

And are opaque enough to hide my "winter legs"

My mum actually suggested these and brought some to try as I'd previously been buying Primark tights and they last barely five minutes, even the thick ones.

These Asda tights feel really soft and comfortable and are pretty durable!

I own a pair of boots that constantly rub against my tights and ladder them, but these tights haven't laddered yet (touch wood) and when I got a hole in them they lasted a whole day of sixth form without laddering and I managed to patch them up when I got home.

They're £4 for 3pairs and definitely worth the money!

These should definitely be on your New Year's purchase list.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Boxing Day Sales - War of the Shoppers

First if all I wish everyone a Happy Christmas but for now we're gunna have to put Christmas to one side (sorry Santa!) and focus my second favourite day of the year (favourite day obviously being Christmas)...


I should really state that is actually the Boxing Day to Mid-January period that's my favourite time of year as this is when everything dirty cheap!


I'll scream it from the rooftops if I have to!

This year I didn't get a chance to go shopping on Boxing Day as I didn't get paid until the 28th (Boo) but I did go shopping on the 28th and bagged myself a few goodies from Topshop and Primark! 

First off we have (drum roll please)

Sparkly Gold Ankle Boots from Primark

£18  £6!
That's right these bad boys are SIX QUID! I clocked them a while ago after seen a friend sporting a pair and waited patiently for them to fall in price, because thrifty buying takes a lot of patience! Originally they went down to £12 but patience certainly paid off as I paid a third of the original price! Definitely one of my best buys of the year!

Topshop Black and White Striped Shorts

£32  £15

These were a real impulse buy but it certainly paid off as they look fabulous on! I love them, they're high waisted and will look kick-ass with a pair of Henry Holland patterned tights and either ankle boots or heeled lace ups.

Topshop Embroidered Shorts 
£35  £20
I have wanted these for absolutely ages but I'm always reluctant about paying Topshop's extortionate prices so this is the first place I go for the sales because I know you always get massive bargains! I really wanted the matching jacket too but I haven't seen it for ages and I didn't see it in the sale, so I was pretty gutted. These are beautiful on and I am a massive fan of any embroidery.

Topshop Velvet Leggings

£20  £12

Yet again Patience really is a virtue as I waited for these to lower in price and even had a picture of them saved on my computer! I love Velvet as it's very on trend for this season and I love the grey/black tie-dye tones and the tiny little studs. As expensive as Topshop leggings are, they are really worth it as I brought a scarf print pair and they have lasted ages and keep my legs nice and warm (unlike other leggings I have bought). They also do these leggings in burgundy and black.

Primark Floral Skirt 

£7  £5
This skirt was originally one of those fishtail skirts that have been suffocating the high street since 2011 but I worked my thrifty magic and evened out the hem. Like the embroidered shorts, I was reluctant to buy this but after watching Cabaret (with Liza Minnelli, of course) I noted that I could combine it with a black turtleneck to create an outfit similar one she wears in a short scene. It was only a fiver and didn't take me too long to hem it! 

Primark Jumper and Skirt Outfit

Jumper £12  £7    Skirt £7 £5
Although the clashing patterns trend is very S/S 12 I still really like it as not many people dare to try it, I feel that although these pieces clash, they clash nicely. I added the neon necklace which is also from Primark but from years ago and I forgot the price (£2?) I wear this with plain black tights and boots.

I didn't buy that much this year but then again most of the trends I like are this season so I'll have to wait until the next sales to buy all that!

Hope everyone has a great New Year and don't let the shopping bags get ya down!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Touch Screen Gloves Review - Star Buy of the Week!

These gloves have been available at Primark for years but, ever the sceptic, I doubted how good they would actually be. It was only as I spotted a customer wearing a pair from Peacocks and asked her if they worked that I knew I had to buy some and for £1.50 from Primark you couldn't go wrong!

It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I even brought three of my friends some as they wanted some! They come in black and grey (although I have seen red and decorated ones around).

Normally I struggle to find gloves that keep my hands warm, I've tried normal wool gloves, oversized gloves, mittens, leather gloves but these ones both keep my hands warm AND work on my touch screen! So you can refrain from taking off your gloves every time you receive a text!

Get yourself a pair for the winter months and you won't regret it!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Gather your parasols, Ladies and Gents!

Giles : Source - Vogue.co.uk by GoRunway
Giles : Source -  Vogue.co.uk by GoRunway

Temperley London : Source - Vogue.co.uk by GoRunway

 The 1800's called and they want their clothing back!

A fashion trend close to my heart, having always been fascinated with the Victorian/Edwardian times, this season's trend is the more classical Gothic look compared to the harsh studs and leather we've seen pounding the runway and high street recently. Say goodbye to the harsh Gothic textures of leather and PVC suede and trade in for for velvet and lace, with soft chiffons and cottons . Tune in to your inner vampire with dark blue, black and berry coloured velvets, teamed with lashings of lace to really rock the Edwardian trend! Add gold or silver jewellery to double your A/W trend points by dipping into the baroque trend. To really give this look a pop, add red or berry colours.

To achieve the look, focus on teaming soft whites or pale creams with harsh blacks and dark blues, mixing textures such as chiffon or soft cotton with velvet or suede. For that added Edwardian look, don a pair of black or white lace gloves (available on eBay for around £2-3). Accessorise blacks and blues with beautiful gold and silver brooches, rings, pocket watches and necklaces and if the vampire look is your style, add shocking silver skull jewellery. Wear a bowler, baker boy or pork pie hat to achieve the look of a pro'a British gent!

Shockingly pale faces teamed with dark lips and eyes makes this look eloquently romantic and beautifully chic!

If you're going for the vintage-rather-than-new direction, head over to www.rokit.co.uk where they have a section labelled RUSSIAN ROCOCO with tons of vintage and recreated garments perfect for this season's trend!
Photo from: www.rokit.co.uk

While sporting this trend it's advisable not to go hanging around any churches, abbeys or graveyards, we wouldn't want to encourage the villagers to go chasing after us with crucifixes and cloves of garlic now would we?

Coat: Primark -£20.00
Trousers: Debenhams-£12.00
Shoes: Debenhams - £8.00
Shirt: Charity shop
Waistcoat: Charity shop - £2.99
Sunglasses: Primark - £1.00
Necklace: Charity Shop